White Gum Valley- Stage 1

 WGV is Western Australia’s first residential project to achieve national recognition and the second project in Australia and 11th in the world to achieve International Endorsement as a One Planet Community through One Planet Living. PHASE3 Landscape Construction were awarded the construction of the WGV project in White Gum Valley, working with landscape architects Josh Byrne & Associates to deliver the project for LandCorp.

The development features vibrant public open spaces and facilities including a BBQ and shaded picnic area, accessible toilets, nature play areas, informal seating and a network of walkways and cycle paths.

Sustainability has been key to the project with utilising locally sourced materials, including the re-purposing of demolition materials to minimise waste, the maximising of water efficiency and to meet this target the development includes a state of the art irrigation system, a community bore water supply and innovative storm water retention features. The development has a diverse planting palatte with the use of native species which have been historically used throughout White Gum Valley to help support the local biodiversity, salvaged timber from the removal of trees was also used for bird boxes for the local Carnaby’s black cockatoo population.