Sunset Heritage Precinct

The Sunset Heritaqe project in Dalkeith, was the first stage of the transformation of the State Government owned Sunset Hospital into a unique heritage listed asset for arts, cultural and community use with a high level of heritage conservation,public amenity and engagement with the Swan River. PHASE3 was chosen through a rigorous expression of interest and tender process to deliver landscape improvements to the Eastern and Southern portions of the site.

For more than 20 years, the site has been fenced off to the public but now the public and visitors can enter the site, and enjoy the facilities and river views at Perth’s newest public open space.

Improvements, including bespoke playground, landscaping, upgraded public toilets, barbecue and picnic facilities, have allowed the opening of the grounds for community access. The Premier Colin Barnett along with Sultan Ibrahim Ismail of Johor re-opened the precinct in November 2016