Cutting edge Aesthetic design, Superior functionality and exceptional workmanship are the hallmarks of our residential landscaping service.

Why design your Garden? 

A landscape project is, more often than not, a significant investment. Engaging a landscape architect or designer can help you get the most out of that investment, while ensuring you avoid the pitfalls and unexpected ‘surprises’ that come with DIY ventures. 

Good design isn’t just about creating a great looking space, it’s about creating a great feeling space too. A landscape designer can take into account everything from a client’s expectations and creative vision to the practical nuts and bolts of a job, like how a space works, function and form, and construction requirements. 

Getting the design right is always the primary objective of our team, which is why we work closely with our clients to help them achieve the garden of their dreams.




WHY Choose phase3? 

We are a team of dedicated professionals who value the beauty that great design can bring to a space.  

The notion that the right landscape can completely transform a space is always first and foremost in our minds, and this is reflected in our approach to design.  

We understand the necessity of balance, and believe that the best outcomes are achieved when creative design is delivered within the parameters of a project’s budget.  

At Phase3, we take into consideration factors such as: 

  • Our client’s priorities – What is your vision for this space? What is its purpose?
  •  The context of the site – its relationship with the architecture it surrounds. 
  • Construction – how quality outcomes can be achieved in a clever and economical way.

Our goal is simple – to create unique projects that provide complete client satisfaction for years to come.