Health and Safety

Phase3 Landscape Construction values working in a safe, healthy and sustainable environment. We ensure that our employees and subcontractors are dedicated to a process of planning and preparation which identifies and mitigates risk to all personnel, operations, the environment and the community. This is achieved through:

  • complying with statutory requirements, codes, standards and guidelines;
  • setting up objectives and targets with the aim of eliminating work related incidents in relation to our activities
  • defining roles and responsibilities for occupational health, safety and environment.

Strategies will include:

  • ensuring occupational health, safety and environment management principles are included in all organisational planning activities;
  • providing ongoing training to our employees;
  • consulting with employees and other parties to improve decision-making on occupational health, safety and environment matters;
  • ensuring incidents are investigated and lessons are learnt within the organisation;
  • distributing occupational health, safety and environment information, including this policy, to all employees and interested parties;
  • providing enough resources to ensure occupational health, safety and environment is a central part of the organisation; and
  • ensuring effective injury management and rehabilitation is provided to all employees.

The directors of Phase3 Landscape Construction are accountable for ensuring that this Policy is implemented throughout Phase3 operations. The Policy is reviewed annually.


We are committed to managing our activities in an environmentally responsible manner by preventing wasteful or damaging practices and believe all our employees and contractors are responsible for safeguarding the environment.

In order to achieve environmental excellence we will continually improve our environmental performance and strive to reduce our carbon footprint by:

  • Promoting and developing sound environmental management policies and practices
  • Complying with all legislative requirements
  • Ensuring the work site does not pollute the environment
  • Minimizing waste production as far as is practicable and reusing or recycling waste where appropriate
  • Removing, controlling or treating any refuse or waste product to prevent pollution of the environment
  • Promoting environmentally responsible procurement of goods and services
  • Continually educating our workforce in better environmental practices
  • Liaising and working with suppliers and clients to promote best practice in environmental solutions
  • Providing training to its personnel relevant to their responsibilities
  • Implement a waste reduction strategy for all projects including sorting waste and recycling materials where possible
  • Procurement and sourcing of materials with a low carbon footprint

We are proud to be a Water wise accredited landscaper by the Water Corporation Water Wise program.

Contact us for more details on how we’re contributing to the environment.

The directors of Phase3 Landscape Construction are accountable for ensuring that this Policy is implemented throughout Phase3 operations. The Policy is reviewed annually.


Our quality management system scope includes commercial, civic and residential landscaping.

Our management system assures clients that we comply with the requirements of ISO 9001 and industry standards and regulatory requirements.  The quality of our service is seen as vital to the strength of the company. The key objectives for all levels of staff are:

  • Provide a service which best satisfies the requirements of the client
  • Provide a service which aims for no defects at practical completion

We are committed to delivering this by:

  • Establish, implement, maintain and continually improve our management systems.
  • Seek to identify, continuously monitor and act on our customers’ specific needs and expectations to ensure a mutually satisfying relationship.

We are not currently certified to ISO 9001 but we have a number of systems in place to ensure quality is maintained in the delivery of the project. These systems ensure our ability to maintain a quality of service and the capability to deliver all required services efficiently and effectively. The company is aiming to become certified to ISO 9001 in the very near future.

We ensure all staff and contractors have the right skills to guarantee our product and services meet the needs of our clients. Our directors are accountable for ensuring that this Policy is implemented throughout our operations. The Policy is reviewed annually.