Hilbert Park FAQ's


 Ok I have my application voucher, what next?

Complete the voucher by clearly filling in your current contact details as instructed, once you have done this visit our website and press the ‘ I’m ready for my front yard’.

I don’t have my application voucher?

The landscape application voucher is provided at point of sale when you purchased your lot, along with a fencing voucher. Please contact your Sales agent or Developer for a copy.

The consultation is booked, do I need anything?

The following is required:

  • A copy of your site plan which shows the property and house location as provide by your builder.
  • Any images of garden styles or plants that you like

How long will the consultation take?

The consultation should take half an hour.

I am having areas of my garden hardscaped (walls, paving, fencing etc) Do I need to advise this at the consultation?

Yes. We need to know if you are planning any other works that may impact the front yard so we can accommodate in our design. These works must be completed prior to handover to PHASE3.

How much lawn can I have?

You are allowed up to 50% of your front yard area to be turf.

What type of lawn can I have?

Soft leaf buffalo has been selected by Peet Limited.

How many plants can I have?

The plant types and densities will be discussed at the consultation meeting. The quantity of plants will be limited by the area of available garden and mature sizes of selected species.

How many trees can I have?

The developer has allowed one street tree for a standard lot and two street tress for a corner lot.

Can I choose what species of street tree I have in front of my property?

No. The street tree is selected by the developer and as per the local council guidelines.

Can I make changes to my plan?

Due to design and project scheduling plans cannot be changed after you have signed and approved the plan at your consultation.

Can I upgrade my landscape package.

Yes. PHASE3 can undertake all facets of landscape including soft and hard landscaping. By paying the difference in cost you can upgrade plant sizes, add trees, include edging to turf areas etc. Just mention this at the consultation and can arrange a quotation.

Wil the irrigation system that PHASE3 install be able to service the back yard?

Yes. We will leave a mainline supply in 25mm PVC plus control wires for solenoid valves to allow you to extend the system to the rear. These will be left at the front of the property and marked up on the as constructed drawing we issue at handover.

Can PHASE3 design and construct my landscape for the rea of the property?

Yes. We can undertake design and construction for any part of your property including concrete swimming pools, shade structures, water features, screens and gates. This will be treated as a separate process to the front yard package. Please send us an email at contact@phasethree.net.au

How long will I have to wait for the landscape to be installed?

The landscape will be installed within 28 days of the initial consultation.



How does the site have to be prepared for handover to PHASE3 ?

The site has to be clean, free of weeds, rubble and rubbish and raked level at least 40mm below the top of adjacent paving.

What if my site isn’t prepared, can PHASE3 do this?

Yes we can do this but it will be quoted and charged separate to the front yard package.

What else needs to be done before handover to Phase3?

90mm PVC pipe needs to of been laid under the driveway at a depth between 300-400mm so the irrigation pipes can be run to garden beds. This pipe needs to be 4m from the front of the garage /carport for properties where access is not from the rear laneway.

If this hasn’t been done then pavers will need to be lifted and re-laid. We can do this but it will be quoted and charged separate to the front yard package.

If you plan to pave the area beneath your controller location (usually adjacent to meter box) you need to install a conduit (minimum 20mm diameter) with a draw wire to provide access for the irrigation cables.

What about access to my water meter?

Yes, we require access to your water meter. Please ensure there is no paving, concrete or fencing too close to the water meter. We will require 1-2 square metres.

I’m planning on having a bore, what do I do?

You need to advise us on the initial consultation so we can plan the irrigation accordingly. You will need to provide us with the size and expected flow rate of the bore. The bore will need to be installed before the site is handed over to PHASE3. We will provide the controller for your electrician to install.

If you require PHASE3 to install the bore we can quote separately for you.



What will PHASE3 do to improve the soil?

We use C-Wise Quicken which is a powerful organic carbon fertiliser that promotes rapid plant growth and improves soil health and fertility for better crop resilience and productivity. Quicken feeds your crops with plant ready nutrients and stable organic carbon that stimulates soil microbial activity to help keep your soil healthy and working efficiently.

It is applied at a depth of 20mm and cultivated into the top 200mm layer of existing site sand.

What is the mulch PHASE3 will install?

We use C-Wise Moisture Mulch which is a high performance organic registered coarse mulch for orchard, vineyard and professional landscape applications. Moisture Mulch is a mature product that has been fully composted into stable organic carbon. It is free of seeds, plant pathogens and disease, ready to create a natural microclimate for growth and sustained water use efficiency.



Will my irrigation system be automatically set?

Yes. We will set the controller to water for establishment of the garden. This will include registering with Water Corporation and exemption for the establishment watering. We will forward the exemption certificate and it then becomes your responsibility to reset the controller back to your allowed watering days once the exemption period expires. It is important that you ensure you do this as you can be fined by the Water Corporation.

When should I mow my lawn after installation?

The lawn should be mowed 2 weeks after installation if installed during spring/summer and 3-4 weeks if installed during autumn/winter

Is there a warranty on the works installed by PHASE3?

PHASE3 will warrant the workmanship & materials of the irrigation system for 12 months after the installation date.

I have a leak in the irrigation system and don’t know what to do?

Please contact PHASE3 on 93376985. If the problem seems serious the system can be shut off at the stop valve located at the water meter which feeds water to the system.

If a third party attempts to rectify the system the entire system warranty will become void.

I am unsure how to adjust my irrigation controller?

The controller was issued at the time of handover. If you required PHASE3 to re program the controller, please contact us on 93376985 and we will arrange at a cost of $90