Spring is in the air

Spring is in the air, and nowhere more apparent than in the gardens and parks of Perth and throughout the State.


Last weekend we took our kids out to York which was holding its annual festival. On the way we stopped in at York Olive Oil which had a beautiful display of everlasting daisies all out in colour with the swathes of whites, pinks and everything in between.

Incorporating everlastings in your garden can provide a real pleasure when they come out in full display. It is also a great way to get the kids involved, sowing them a few months before, watching and waiting to see them grow.

They are best planted in autumn in a nice open, sunny position. Ensure the soil is moist prior to planting .

They work best when planted on mass in larger garden beds. A drive through Kings Park at this time of year shows great examples of this. Everlastings appear often in their roundabouts and roadside gardens.

Perth Spring flowers

Kings Park Wildflower Festival winds up in the 30th September so there is still time to visit the park and participate.

Another gem of a spot in the Perth Hills is Araluen Botanic Park. I grew up in the hills of Perth and remember visiting the park many times with my mother who was a keen gardener. The park is renowned for its Tulip gardens which display from late August to Mid September.

Although the Tulip Festival is coming to a close, there is some kids workshops in the school holidays in the park. You can find more details at their website

Araluen Tulips