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Inspired Outdoor Living

Inspired Outdoor Living
Inspired Outdoor Living

The requirements for the homeowners of this featured project were challenging and complex at the same time. With the Swan River in close proximity, the swimming pool is designed and engineered with precision as its bottom is lower than the water table. At the same time, the oblong and narrow space available for this project imposed additional challenges. However, we were able to overcome the difficulties and created this sleek and contemporary masterpiece.

The water feature becomes the centre of attention as you enter the residence as it visually creates the illusion of more space in the actually small-sized courtyard. Secondly, the pumping well to the garage beneath is cleverly concealed by a striking custom light box which illuminates the beautiful cut granite water feature enveloping the space.

The dimensions of the site for this project would seem small to most designers and builders. But the competent teams at both companies successfully created a unique and artistic landscape with enhanced functionality, aesthetic value, and modern finishes.

The design and construction teams unanimously paid attention to detail throughout.

Artistic landscaping project
Artistic landscaping project

Other noticeable features in this project that negated the challenges of a restricted space include:

  • The verticality of the surrounding buildings were refuted through tall Plants with Diverse Texture, such as Bamboo
  • An integrated pool and spa that combines the Use of Travertine Tiles and Concrete with Varying Heights to encompass the rear garden while allowing the user to transverse the space
  • Steel Sections Structured to Connect the Landscape with the Building, the awnings of the building being designed and implemented to transfix the two

In its entirety, the featured project is designed and constructed with the structural elements, modern finishes, and functional features that complement each other, both aesthetically pleasing and exceptionally functional, while instilling the sense of serenity in this entertaining and relaxing site.

This project was designed by Newforms Landscape Architecture and built by Phase3 Landscape Construction.

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