Perth swimming pools

The 5 best swimming pool shapes

The L-shaped Pool 

The L-shaped pool (and its many variations) is probably the most popular type of purpose built concrete swimming pool, as it offers the best of two worlds. It’s long enough to incorporate a lap pool but has the added width to accommodate a shallow area for the kids or a relaxation corner that overlooks the pool and garden.

 Your choice of edge treatments can further add to the variety of looks achievable with an L-shaped pool, as these two images depict. A flat concrete edge fits seamlessly into the surrounding landscape, while a defined edge lends itself to incorporating water features or feature walls. The beauty of choosing an L-shaped pool is that you can choose the configuration that best suits your space.  

Geometric Shaped Pool

Geometric shaped concrete swimming pools come in a variety of styles and can be designed to match the tone of your home. Whether your style is minimalist, contemporary, natural or freeform, there’s a geometric shaped pool to suit. Geometric pools can be designed to be built 1200mm above ground, which provides an opportunity to use the pool edge as a safety barrier, avoiding the need for a separate pool fence.

a) Classic Geometric

Modern in shape, the classic geometric pool fits with all styles of home, and transition easily with changes of pool surroundings. Minimalist, contemporary, natural and freeform styles can all be expressed around this pool shape.

 B) Wide Lap Pool

As the name suggests, a wide lap pool is ideal for exercise and fitness. A recreation area can be incorporated by including steps along the short edge, or a wide step along one side, as shown in this image. 


c) Plunge Pool

The plunge pool has had a huge rise in popularity in recent years. A modern twist on the geometric shape, the plunge pool tends to be smaller, deeper, and less high maintenance than a traditional concrete swimming pool. Because of its smaller size, choosing a plunge pool over a larger pool often allows a bit of extra budget to go towards finishes. Glass façades or pool ‘windows’, travertine or granite mosaic tiling, spa jets and water features are all popular additions to plunge pools.  

Freeform Shape Pool

Figure 8 and freeform concrete swimming pools combine organic shapes with retro modern styling. Evocative of a tropical oasis, the curved lines of a figure 8 pool allow for vegetation to be brought right up to the edges, creating a lush, natural environment. For families with younger children, the figure 8 shape is the shape that most clearly distinguishes the shallow end from the deep end. 

As you can see, there are a vast range of styles that can be achieved with a custom designed concrete swimming pool. Whatever your requirements, our designers can help you create a beautiful and functional pool that works best for your space.




Celebrating the Swimming Pool - An Australian icon at the Venice Biennale

swimmimg pool

The humble swimming pool takes its place at one of the most prestigious institutions in the world. 

We were thrilled to see that The Pool, an exhibition that explores the history of the swimming pool and its role in Australian society, has been chosen to represent Australia in the 2016 Venice Architecture Biennale. Especially inspiring was this quote, from the creators of the entry. 

‘Our landscape is made of both pools of necessity and pools of excess. Pools are an element of sport and survival, leisure and lifeblood, social spaces and places of quiet contemplation.’ 

Inspired by this celebration of an iconic part of the Australian lifestyle, we thought we’d share with you some of Phase 3’s design guidelines on how to create a swimming pool of perfect proportions.

Know your space

While north or east positioning ensures maximum sunlight, the size and shape of your space also plays a big part in designing a swimming pool that works for you. Bigger isn’t always better – it’s important to have a pool that complements your space, not dominates it. Take plunge pools – their size, versatility and ability to suit a variety of budgets has seen them become a popular alternative to traditional swimming pools. And as an added bonus, they can make you feel like you’re on a tropical holiday in a luxury villa! A custom concrete pool is another great option that allows you the flexibility to create something specifically tailored to the space you have. 

Set the Scene 

Your outdoor living space is so much more than just a swimming pool – it’s an extension of your home and a reflection of your personal style. A well designed outdoor space creates a seamless flow from your house to your pool, using materials and textures that generate harmony between inside and out. Traditional styles of pool fencing have taken a back seat to more modern, visually appealing options, which can transform your space while still adhering to Australian safety standards. Bamboo, plants and other natural elements can be used to perfectly frame your pool and create a beautiful and natural setting.   

Make it Your Own 

What does your swimming pool mean to you? Is it your retreat – somewhere to relax and unwind at the end of a busy day? Is it a place to entertain friends while you cook them a beautiful meal in your outdoor kitchen? Or a space to play and connect with family? Whatever it means to you, there are countless ways to customise your swimming pool and surrounds to reflect what’s important to you. From water features, lighting, and wireless outdoor entertainment to seating, shade and shelter – even outdoor showers. A well designed outdoor space is the perfect way to experience beauty and wonder, right in your own back yard.

Image Credit: Aperture House, Cox Rayner – Photographer Christopher Frederick Jones

2014 SPASA WA Awards of Excellence

We thankfully received a bronze award at the 2014 SPASA WA Awards of Excellence for the Concrete Pools Traditional & Geometric Over $100,000. Done in partnership with Newforms Landscape Architecture and Phase3 Landscape Construction, the project entailed creating a contemporary back garden, while at the same time maintaining a classic frontage. The multiple levelled back garden needed large raised planters, retaining to the perimeter wall, inclusion of a surrounding deck and spa. In addition, the design required the split level pools to offer relaxation and activity, while enhancing the space’s entertainment capacity on the overall.