Bringing Together Spaces to Create a Landscaping Masterpiece


A Progressive Design that Elegantly Connects Separate Outdoor SpacesA unique feature of this garden is the way it is built along a courtyard to move on towards a sunken garden at the end. As much as the concept is modern, the garden seems to have an inherent capability to give a peaceful and serene feel.

The inner courtyard is bordered by the residence on three sides. This is how its expansive dimensions seem additionally large with easy access to inside views of the house. The courtyard design and natural elements, is inspired by Japanese landscape arrangements.


An Extensive Courtyard with Diverse Features

Framed by a stainless steel arbour, the courtyard has been constructed to minimize the harshness of strong forms and shapes. In fact, the steel frame provides strength to the structure while surrounding features stand out to promote an earthy feel to the design. For instance, the selection of plants including grape vines is one of the most attractive features.

The team involved in this project paid attention to detail by not overlooking any design aspect, free space available, and other remarkable particulars. Despite the beauty of the several components in the garden, a stunning water feature is also added which serves as the focal point. The water feature is designed around the theme of creating a miniature reflection of the key features used inside the house. This is why the internal flooring material of travertine marble was used to construct this water feature while the surrounding wall is painted Cobar red to complement the marble and nearby foliage alike.


The Breathtakingly StunningSunken Garden

Moving on to the sunken end garden, the combination of features and finishes give a sense of tranquillity as per the Japanese theme. A gorgeous koi pond can be enjoyed by homeowners and visitors from different locations of the house, while the L-shaped bench in the sunken garden provides a comfortable seating for a peaceful time. Playing along the same theme and style is the choice of planting two Frangipani trees which allow the homeowners to bring nature inside their residence with a clear view of the sunken garden’s greenery.

Project Summary

This project is an amalgamation of elegance, texture, durability, nature, modernity, and much more. At the same time, it uses a rare blend of elements and materials such as stainless steel, unusual foliage with minimal plantation of carefully picked species, natural limestone for aesthetic and easy-maintenance purposes, and so on.

This garden was designed by Newforms Landscape Architecture and built by Phase3 Landscape Construction.

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