Founding Director of PHASE3, Matt Huxtable wins 40 under 40 award

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Following last week’s very deserving win for Matt Huxtable as one of 40 under 40 business professionals of the year, we thought it might be timely to share with you insights into Matts values, his contribution to the WA community, success factors and his business ethos.

“The biggest contributor to my SUCCESS is a continuing belief that the landscape industry can be more, and contribute more, than what it historically has. I’m proud of the industry in which I work and have built a business committed to leading by example.

Creating and CONTRIBUTING to better urban spaces for WA and making spaces in our State that are live-able has always been a key driver for me. Landscaping has evolved from garden’s around buildings - it is now about experiences and activation of spaces, especially in Perth which is growing rapidly and increasingly dense. Everything we do has a long-term outlook. We strive for our projects to be there forever. I work with my clients to think sustainably and to better understand the longer arc of their project’s legacy.

In twenty years in the industry I have made a lasting impact on the manner in which our industry operates in Western Australia – Along with my business partners, the VISION for PHASE3 Landscape Construction was to create a firm that is a progressive, dynamic, equal opportunity provider dedicated to creating spaces interconnecting clients and their environment. This is a reflection of my personal value set.

If I could offer one piece of business advice it would be….

Don’t offer the market a service. Offer them a service that’s different. Don’t tell them what you do. Tell them what you do that’s different.