Contemporary Pool Design with Pavilion Structure


Being an outdoor pool design project, it involved the transformation of a simple garden area into a modern landscape for the homeowners to enjoy greater functionality of the space along with contemporary design elements. The construction of this project revolved around the addition of a stunning swimming pool as well as a covered pavilion to serve as an entertainment area. As a result, the functional and aesthetically divine combination of the pool and pavilion encourages homeowners and their guests to spend quality time swimming, cooking, dining, or just relaxing with friends and family.

Pool Design

Following client requirements, we ensured that the pool design as well as the entertainment area were adequately sized and positioned. As a result, we were able to get maximum use of every inch in the limited space, thus enhancing the entertainment capacity of the rear garden area.

Material & Construction Review

The deck features the elegant use of recycled black butt timber, which makes it stand out as a great spot for a beautiful alfresco cooking and dining experience, while complimenting the timber features of the existing home.

We built the sleek and elegant pool from scratch, using glazed black bricks for the header. At the same time, the choice of black tiles and white plaster inside the pool complements the contemporary theme of the design. Furthermore, the boundary wall towards the north serves as a screen as well as a support for the pavilion’s roof. It incorporates varying levels of height which make it visually appealing, while the use of galvanised steel fins brings the multi-faceted benefits like added security to the blade walls simultaneously maintaining an open feel

This project was designed by Newforms Landscape Architecture and built by Phase3 Landscape Construction.

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